How to check If directory exists in PHP?

How to check If directory exists in PHP?

It’s always a good practice to validate a directory or directory path before using that in the code. There could be multiple options in PHP to validate a directory like one using the shell_exec and other one is using the inbuilt is_dir function.

We will look at both of the solutions in this post.

Validate Directory using shell_exec or exec

&1", $path));

        // If response is Empty, then it is success
        if (strlen(trim($result)) == 0) {
            return true;

        return false;


Now, let’s have a look at another way of doing it.

Validate Directory using is_dir

Note: clearstatcache is to clear the file status cache. PHP caches the return when we use file_exists and is_dir, to provide the faster performance. So we should clear that before validating a directory. Although, we need to call clearstatcache only If we are performing multiple operations on the same filename and we don’t want to cache that information.

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