How to take Thread dumps of a Java process

Thread dumps provide a lot of valuable information about a running java process. Let’s see how to take Thread dumps of a running Java process.

Solution 1: Using kill -3

If you are running *nix system, find the process id of running java, either by using jps command or by using ps -aef | grep java. Once you get the process id, do the following (assuming process id to be 5459)

This shall print the Thread dump on console. If the console output has been redirected to a file, the thread dump can be found there.

Solution 2: Using jstack

jstack is a utility bundled with JDK. It can be used to get thread dumps. Let’s see how to do it

Many times this command does not respond, use the flag -F to force the thread dump. More details here

Solution 3: Using VisualVM

VisualVM is a nice tool that ships with JDK. It provides a way to peek into JVM using a UI. It’s present in the JDK bin folder with name jvisualvm. Launch the VisualVM and connect to the process of which Thread dumps is to be taken.


There is a button “Thread Dump” on right hand upper side. Click the button and a thread dump shall be taken and displayed in a tab.

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