[Neo4j] Getting Started

Neo4j is a leading Graph database. In the first post of the series, we shall look at installation and running a Neo4j Server

Download Neo4j

Download Neo4j from http://neo4j.com/download/. We shall be using community edition.

Neo4j download

Once the download is completed, extract it in a location. We shall call this location as NEO4J_HOME. The folder structure would look something like this


Starting the Server

Once installed, go to NEO4J_HOME/bin and execute the following command on a terminal

$./neo4j start

You shall something like this


Login Screen

Once the server is up, open following URL http://localhost:7474/
You shall see the following login screen


The default password is neo4j. Once you enter the password, it would ask to change it. Once the password is changes, you see a screen like this


Congratulations, we now have a running Neo4j server.

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